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Background Information [v0.01]:
The Adventures of College Pros is a web comic created by Michael Barltrop.  For the most part it is based on his experiences from the summer of 2004.  For a brief period of time he, and his friends, worked as house painters.  This comic is their story.  But perhaps for some of you, that just isn't enough information.  Some of you crave the details of everything that has happened prior to now, and everything that is to come.  For those of you that fit into that category, this page is for you.

History of Mikes Web Comics
Mike first made a web comic called Adventures at the 545, it was about his housemates (all six of them).  Just as a point of order, one should never live with more than three other people.  It become a horrid mass of human waste, and everyone always has a friend or two over, and suddenly the seven people under one roof becomes many many more.

Mike also created a comic called In Search of Prince Charming.  It can be found scattered amongst the A@545 page, or on his DeviantArt site.  It was created as part of a final project in for a Children's Literature course.  It was during the creation of that comic that Mike learned that quality art was also important, thus A@545 was scrapped.

[random point: Mike was featured in a web comic from 1999ish as a character, but all records of it seem to have been destroyed]

How Adventures of the College Pros is created
Three times a week Mike manages to tear himself away from the oh so important tasks that life presents before him.  He does this all for you, the readers.  It is at this time that he opens up a giant template file that has all the characters, panels, backgrounds, and other such things already in it.  He then moves objects around, draws eyebrows, mouths, conveys emotion (slightly) and every now and then he moves an arm around.  It's hard work, but hey, someone's gotta do it.  It takes about thirty minutes to create each strip (if no new characters, or objects, need to be created for it.

Future Updates
Future updates of this page might include more information and a F.A.Q.  All you have to do is use that e-mail link at the top, and send Mike a comment or question, and all the answers will be provided to you via a reply, or a posting here.

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